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4 Ways To Generate Traffic To Your Social Networking Blog

[Marketing and SEO] 4 Ways To Generate Traffic To Your Social Networking Blog

If you have a new social networking business then you should definitely start a social networking blog to promote and advertise your website. Blogs are great advertising and here’s why: They drive traffic to your site. People read the blog and then click on links to your site. It’s really that simple.Another benefit of having a blog is advertising money. You can sell spots on your site’s blog for ads and make money for clicks. Therefore, you have two totally separate ways to make money....more...
Difference Between Social Networking And Dating Site

[Social Networking Business] Difference Between Social Networking And Dating Site

Social networking sites and dating sites both allow the connection and interaction of individuals from all over the world. However, it is imperative to know that the reason for being of these sites is different. Social networking helps you find friends you know, people you know of, and people you barely even know. On the other hand, dating sites are used by people to find someone they can date or have a relationship with. Since both sites are widely popular these days, it’s helpful to....more...

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