Driving Traffic to Your Social Networking Site

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The competition between so many social networking sites has made it necessary for you building your own social networking site to be more aggressive in the pursuit of increased traffic and search engine ranking. You can't focus on one without the other. It takes work to drive traffic to your social networking site and an investment of time and energy. The good news is that if done well, you will not have to dedicate as much hard work to driving traffic in the future. The nature of social networking causes it to grow itself, after a while. How much time and energy do you think the owners of Facebook have to invest in driving traffic? Your social networking site will not be a household word over-night, but with focused effort, you won't have to beat the bushes for traffic forever.

There are several strategies and theories regarding increasing social networking site traffic. Learning what they are and implementing some or all of them is the way to build your own social networking site.

Blogs - Starting your own blog and writing daily about your new social networking site will pique interest and start some traffic flowing.

Keywords - The articles on your blog must be keyword rich and contain words that act as a link to your site.

Videos - One of strategies gaining in effectiveness is the use of video to promote social networking sites. Today's internet surfer is much more graphically inclined than yesterdays so words are not always enough. The use of video has been proven to increase site traffic.

If you want your social networking site to grow, you must concentrate on building traffic. This is what online marketing is all about. No one will check out your site if they don't know it exists. The most beautifully designed website with a top-notch social network script can languish in anonymity without your efforts to drive traffic. The effort will definitely be worthwhile when you see people starting to frequent the site and become addicted to hanging out, checking other peoples' profiles and connecting with their friends.

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