SocialSiteCreator enables our clients to customize their social networking sites easily. They simply select a social network template from our social networking template gallery, upload their own graphics, add htmls or texts, change the logo, drag and drop contents, and arrange web pages.

Our social network template manager even allows clients to add 3rd party widgets, Google Adsense and other banner ads, Google Analytics, Flash, and videos. Clients can also customize the look and feel, change colors, font size, background, and other CSS elements.

With our social network solutions, you can start your own version of Facebook and MySpace clone easily. Each social network template is designed carefully by our designers. The social networking template includes all CSS design elements for creating your own social networking site. These HTML elements are optimized for search engines like Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.

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Clients Who Use Our Social Network Templates

Above you can see some of our clients who use our social networking templates. They have customized the template to fit their own social network so that each template is unique. This is totally different from tradditional template-based CMS which all the websites look alike. Our template manager also let you to drag and drop design elements around the page. You have 100% freedom to design your social network!

Our social networking solution includes wide range of social networking templates from regular social network, company social network, adult social network for swinger, gay, and lesbian, hobby social network like music and bands, and other niche social networks. Our social network software is so powerful and yet flexible to allow you to create any social networks!

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