Marketing Your Social Networking Site in Facebook

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Marketing Your Social Networking Site in FacebookIs there anybody who can use a PC doesn't know what Facebook is? I doubt if there is. If there is someone who would be raising his hand, he is probably lying. The point here is Facebook is so popular that people, even little kids, know what it is.

Facebook is ranked number 1 in the 2011 social networking websites by the Toptenreviews. Its strategy to generate web traffic is extremely effective. Other social networking sites in the list include Myspace, Bebo, Friendster, Hi5, Orkut, Perfspot, Zorpia, Netlog and Habbo.

Surely, Facebook has been reaping and enjoying its financial rewards. To maintain its ranking, it's been continuously innovating and developing new features.

If you are one of the entrepreneurs vying to make it big in the social networking industry or hoping to rake revenues in the future, you can use Facebook as your take-off point. You can start building your network while still planning your social networking site. Through Facebook, you can build your brand, invite contacts, interact with your network and earn their trust. Of course, you can do all of these if you are a Facebook member.

You can start building your network as soon as you have created your Facebook profile. So, even if you are still in the planning stage of your social networking site, you can already connect with your network, earn their trust and build your credibility.

When you have already established yourself in your network, it would be easier to advertise your own social networking site. Your friends in Facebook can pass the word about your site and can do the word-of-mouth marketing.

Facebook can definitely help you in your social networking site endeavor. Just like any other business, you can always

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