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Social networking giants like MySpace and Facebook is the hype in the internet today and this has also caused the movement of other social networking platforms that are termed as "white label". A white label social networking site is a type of platform which brands the network under the intent of the builder. This type of social networking sites is very important to target other people sharing the same niche as yours especially if you have your own online business. It makes the site more specific in terms of the niche that they are in. Other applications of social networking are to establish a site for social networking sites.

Open Source Social Networking Software

On the other hand, there are a lot of tools that can help you create your own social networking site but if you want to use a tool that is easy to use and offers a lot of features, then getting the SocialSiteCreator is the best thing that you can do.  The SocialSiteCreator is the creator of most social networking software that are found on the internet. It uses the most popular PHP software which contains the social networking templates and scripts used in creating social networking sites. Moreover, it also contains all standard social networking features that are the ingredient of a good social networking site. Such features include chat, groups, events, online messaging and so on.

Make Money With Your Social Network

Building your own social networking site is a great strategy that will allow you to earn passive income online. This sets the difference between a small time entrepreneurs from the big time entrepreneurs working online.

Free Installation and Setup

What is great about this tool is that even a novice can use this tool. The tool is user-friendly and can be installed without even learning about web hosting and server. Moreover, this software comes with 24-7 technical support, source codes and free templates at a very reasonable introductory price of only $99. Other benefits of this tool include open source codes, versatility and personal hosting. Since this particular tool offers a lot of features for a very reasonable price, a lot of people who want to boost their sales as well as those who want to start their own business opt to have their own site through the social networking software provided by SocialSiteCreator. By installing this tool, the site owner is always in a win-win situation the fact that he has an efficient network and, the same time, get in touch with his contacts as well as earn passive income.

Key Benefits

Comes with full source codes 100% freedom to modify the code
Comes with one free template Use your own hosting
Pay only one time fee to buy the software White label - no our branding
All available features - no additional cost Free installation and setup
Free upgrades for 6 months Free support for 6 months

Social Networking Software Features

White-label Network
No references to our branding.
Customize Your Layout
Change 100% the look and feel of your social network using CSS stylesheet and template files.
Real time chats using instant messenger and chat room that support video webcam and audio.
Create and run your own groups. Invite your friends to join.
News Feed
Like Facebook, latest activities get posted on profile's wall.
Organize your own events. Post to calendar and manage attendance.
Add to Favorites
You can simply add your selected profile to favorites because it will enable you to store the link through your prospective profile.
Block a Member
You also can block a member that you don't want him or her to see or contact you.
Search by zip code distance
You can search by proximity or with a particular radius from your location. This enables the users to make the real meetings possible because of the strategic locations. Without this feature possessed by this social networking software, this cannot be possible.
Save Search Results
This social networking software gives you the right to save previous searches or more like of a bookmark in this particular field. You can basically go back to your previous searches without undergoing series of clicks, instead you will just make a couple of clicks and you will again see your previous prospects.
Share Media Files: Photo, Audio, Video
You can also enhance and modify your profile by uploading video and audio files with the use of social networking software. In this manner, your profile will be more visible and in demand.
Charge Subscription Fees
Charge your members using your site or certain features
Your Own Banners
Make money from your social network by adding your own advertising.
Complete Administration Functions
Admin can approve users, photo, view stats, setup plans, more!

PHP Social Network Software - It is an easily setup, fast, full featured social networking software that's developed in PHP and MySQL database. It can easily support up to 10 millions of users. Our PHP Social Network Software is the best script on the net. The script has been polished, optimized, and enhanced based on customers' feedback.

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