Social Networking Solutions

Hosted Social Networking Solution

If you are into business, using Facebook, Multiply or other sites can help you a lot but if you want to expand your business, then creating your own social networking site is the best option that you can take. There are a lot of social networking software that you can use to build your own site but if you want an easy way to do it, then Hosted Social Networking Solution is your ticket to a fast and user-friendly social networking site.

Open Source Social Networking Software

The SocialSiteCreator is the creator of most social networking software that are found on the internet. It uses the most popular PHP software which contains the social networking templates and scripts used in creating social networking sites. Moreover, it also contains all standard social networking features that are the ingredient of a good social networking site. Such features include chat, groups, events, online messaging and so on.

Mobile Social Network

Mobile social networking is quickly becoming today's easiest and most sensible way of social networking. With mobile social networking, individuals don't have to tie up a large portion of their every day life in order to socialize with members of their family, or with co-workers or friends.

Social Networking and Classifieds

Our classifeds script allows you to add classifieds section like Craigslist to your existing social network. Craigslist is a well-known classifieds website that generates monthly revenue of over $10 millions. However, social networking capability is what Craigslist lacks of.

Social Networking Profiles

Do you have your own social networking site but you do not have any profiles? Then it is time that you improve your site by getting one. However, how do you get real profiles for your site? You don’t need to look far since you can get real and active profiles here. Social networking profile is very important that it allows you to attract more members to sign up on your site.

Facebook Fan Page

Facebook fan pages are not just for big companies interested in getting involved in social activities. Small businesses, professionals, and individuals can benefit from having a fan page on Facebook. Besides your personal profile, a Facebook Fan Page is a public profile that allows you to share your products, services or related information with other Facebook members.

Search Engine Submissions

With our Search Engine Submission service, our Search Engine specialist will manually submit your social network to major search engines and guarantee your site to be listed. With a low submission fee, your site will be listed and indexed by major search engines quickly and that will bring you hundreds to thousands of visitors.

Search Engine Marketing

Gain tremendous traffic to your dating site or social network. Improve your organic search engine results. This is the BEST deal you can find on the net. Others are charging thousands of dollars. Pay a little more now but save even more in the long run!