Social Network Software Plus Hosting

Create Your Own Hassle-Free Social Networking Site

The advancements of the internet have caused a lot of people to have more online presence. This is the reason why a lot of social networking sites have popped up over the internet such as networking giants MySpace and Facebook. In fact, social networking sites are not only used in order to rebuild bridges and to get connected to everyone but it is also very important towards businesses.

Now if you are into business, using Facebook, Multiply or other sites can help you a lot but if you want to expand your business, then creating your own social networking site is the best option that you can take. There are a lot of social networking software that you can use to build your own site but if you want an easy way to do it, then Hosted Social Networking Solution is your ticket to a fast and user-friendly social networking site. So how does this social networking software works?

Easy-to-use Social Networking Tools

The Hosted Social Networking Solution is a web-based control software which means that you do not need to encode complicated source codes to create your own site. Everything is provided for you. All you need to do is to sign up and pay their website and you will be directed to the control panel. From there, you can make the necessary adjustments and settings that you need for your site. You do not need to worry since this tool is very easy to work with. Once your site is ready, you can transfer your DNS to our servers. Unlike other sites where you need to look for the right host, this tool will provide you with the hosting.

Social Networking Software With Great Features

What is great about this tool is that they do not impose any hidden charges. In fact, the templates provided by this site to improve yours are free thus you pay for the software yet you get a lot in return. Aside from the free template, the technical experts in the software will be the one to maintain your site thus you will be able to prevent problems from arising. Free technical assistance is given provided that your account is active. Moreover, they offer 24 hour assistance to all of your concerns so that they can address the problem immediately. Social Networking Software plus Hosting provides social networking solutions to people who want to own their own social networking site but are not so technical-savvy. For low monthly fee, you get all the great social networking features including video gallery, photo gallery, groups, events, forums, blogs, audio and video webcam chat, twitter, facebook, and mobile access

Make Money With Your Social Network

Your social network also allows you to charge your members subscription fees for accessing your network or certain features. You can setup different plans with different features. You can use PayPal or any payment processing to accept payments. We do not share commissions with you like other providers do. You make 100% from your own social network. In addition, you also can run your own advertising using Google Adsense or other banners. These are the most popular ways of making money from running a social networking site.