Social Network Software Reviews

Turnkey Social Network Solution

I have been looking for a Turnkey Social Network Solution for about 3 months now. I've tried script after script. LOL! They never seem to work. I have had to request refunds already about 10 times! Until I Found Your Site. Quick Setup, Easy To Use Builder. Its wonderful! Now i got my business up and running!
- Carl Keyton

This Software Is Wonderful

Everything's great! This software is wonderful. There's always fresh new content. You all are very responsive!
- Michael Price

Support Were Unbelievably Quick and Helpful

Just bought the socialsitecreator one year hosting plan for my social network site. I was pleasantly surprised when I contacted support for help, they were unbelievably quick and helpful, also seems fairly easy to configure, even though i am still learning. I would certainly recommend it to others.
- farangspace

Professional Looking Results

I built a social networking website through your company. I am really pleased with the professional looking results that I have received.
- Doug Cross

Your System Is The Best I've Seen

To be honest with you, I've looked at quite a few systems and as I see each one I've been either disappointed with the lack of features, the quality, or the lack of response when I've asked questions. So far your system is the best I've seen.
- Dan LaSpesa

Everything Is Easy To Use and Very Easy To Setup

I just wanted to let you know that as far as I can tell you have a great product. I have very little experiance with html. I went through many dating programs and didn't know which would work. I was about to give up but then I came accross your service. Everything is easy to use and very easy to setup. It allows me time to work on advertising instead.
- Caney English

Great Service Great Price

It's a great service, easy to use site, and great price.
- Efrain Guerrero

re: is this company still in business???

I cannot reach anyone on the phone line
- Suzie

Still waiting

I paid for a site this afternoon.. it's now almost 9pm and I'm wondering if I will ever hear from you. So much for " After you paid, you will be given access to login to our control panel immediately. Your social networking site will be created with default features. You can continue customizing the site or make it live. The whole process can be done in a day." If I check status with order number it brings me to the log in screen... can't log in without any info?????? hello.....
- Jack

I never received a order I purchased....

I never received the order I purchased. I purchased a order from I bought the dating script and was expecting to get a download link w/in 24 hrs even though my payment went through almost immediately. Now in my email its saying I purchased the script from Website: I contacted people through the website and never got any type of response, even the 3rd party company I payed forward a email and I really dint get any response to my question. So now I end up on this website and after hitting the contact button it sends me to another website for a help desk. When I put my reference code in it still says the order is still processing. I will never do any type of business with this company... I never received my order and when I submit a ticket I never get a response. Basically what it boils down to is I purchased a script from a website for $100.00 and end up getting redirected to this website and never getting a proper response to why I never received the product I purchased. The people who run this website are not professional about conducting business...
- Brad

scam alert

They are scam don't buy this script again
- akinwumi


Stay away from these guys. It's a scam.
- amo